Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thing #4 Complete: Get a Bartending Job

As of today, I am officially a hired bartender! I will be working for the catering department at Weiland's Gourmet Market as their resident bartender (and also as an occasional server). Previously they have always hired bartending out through temp agencies, and haven't always been pleased with the results. This seems like a win-win situation for both of us. I am already scheduled to work the next three weekends, two bartending gigs, and two food serving gigs. Hooray!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Thing: Learn to Tie a Tie

Okay, to be clear, I do know how to tie a tie, but I use the "four-in-hand" knot method, which is fast and easy. The drawback is that the finished know is asymmetrical in appearance, a fact that has bugged me forever, but I've just been too lazy to learn a more complicated method.

I will probably learn either the "half-Windsor" knot or the "Pratt" knot, both of which are symmetrical.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thing #3 Completed: Inventory Book Collection

All my books (although come to think of it, I probably have some more books in storage) are now entered into my LibraryThing account! Go ahead and check my library out if you are interested: my account name is StarvingPlaywright. I don't think any of the books are too embarrassing. :-)

The author tag feature is fun. I am also intrigued with the idea of making a mosaic picture of all my book cover images.

Note: The "Currently Reading" blurb on the left-hand side is now replaced with a flashier "Random Books" widget.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thing Update: Get a Bartending Job

Minor progress here: I was the bartender for a private party a couple of weeks ago. It counts because I responded to an ad on craigslist and got paid (as opposed to just bartending for friends), but I'm not knocking this item off the list, because it was just a one-off gig. To complete this thing I want to either find a part-time job at an actual bar, or get more definitively involved in doing occasional-to-regular event bartending. I definitely enjoyed the party gig, though, and am looking forward to more gigs or more work.

Thing Update: Inventory my book collection

I am probably about half-way through inventorying my books. Trouble is, I didn't get it finished before we moved (just a few houses down the street). Now we're mostly settled, but a question remains as to whether we will be shuffling the room arrangement upstairs. The current situation has the master bedroom (and the bookcases) in the room closest to the street, and the second bedroom is setup as an office (and spare bedroom, in the event of guests). This might be swapped due to the fact that we can sometimes hear our neighbor's television in the front bedroom and it seems the second bedroom is quieter. Summary: the books are still in boxes waiting to be unpacked.

In the meantime, you may notice that I've added a "Currently Reading" feature to this blog.