Friday, February 15, 2008

New Thing: Replace Kitchen Counter Lights

Okay, so here's my first DIY project around the house. The kitchen came with a series of lights mounted underneath the kitchen cupboards, above the counter. I like the look of the lighting, but I have a couple of reasons to want to replace them. First, the wiring is a mess. Close to a dozen individual lighting units with a messy daisy-chain of cords and plugs. Second, the lights are not energy efficient. For their small size, they generate a pretty significant amount of heat. In fact, I noticed that I was going to 'cook' some of my spices that are stored in one of the cupboards directly above one of the lights if I didn't change something (I disconnected that particular light). The intended solution involves removing all of the old lighting fixtures and replacing them with a LED light 'cord' mounted in their place.

Thing #7 Completed: Identify My Typewriter

I just noticed it's been 6 weeks since I last posted. Oops. Thing #7 was completed long ago, but here's the update. More Internet searches were unsuccessful, but then I joined "theportabletypewriterforum" Yahoo! Group, and after posting a query to the group, had my answer almost instantly. Not only did they point out where the serial number was located, but someone was kind enough to send me a PDF scan of the manual for my typewriter.

So. I am the proud owner of a 1962 Smith-Corona Galaxie, deluxe portable manual typewriter.